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We are passionate about delivering excellent, practical and structured programmes ensuring that you will be confident in your abilities as an Applied Biomagnetic Therapist.

Disillusioned with your current job?  Want a career change?  Or are you an existing therapist?  Train with us – the world’s only certified programme provider in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.   CALL NOW and start the next stage in your Life.

Our physical training programmes are accessible in Dublin Ireland, in Switzerland and in Germany. We offer constant mentoring and support which continues further beyond your graduation and completion of programmes.

Our success rate is extremely high – the majority of our accredited students are fully operational in clinics and are conducting therapy sessions with clients.

The Institute’s principal trainer, Dr Raymond B Cadwell PhD is a Therapist and Trainer.  He takes clients daily in his clinic in Ballybrack, Co Dublin. He works throughout Europe with clients and students giving first hand experience on illnesses and their resolution.   Our courses are a product of his 20 years of study, research and practical experience.

To read more why you should train with us please read our student testimonials/review our research evaluation reports or Why Train with US. 

If you have any questions please do contact us at the Institute of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.

Or simply pay your deposit via the Paypal button.  We look forward to welcoming you to our programmes.

Practitioner Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

This applied biomagnetic therapy programme is for both existing therapists who want to help their patients with persistent health conditions which are not yielding easily to existing treatments.   It is also for people who are at a crossroads in their life and would like to help others with their health as a new career and way of making a living. ...

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Master Practitioner Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

This programme is for those who have completed the Practitioner Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy (Levels 1, 2 and 3) and wish to continue learning and advancing their skills. It is not for beginners or novices as a prior knowledge of applied biomagnetic therapy is required.

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Soul Healing for the Practitioner

Soul healing is about activation of direct contact with soul and with source. Loss of contact with the force of universal love, God if you will, or the power greater than us – call it what you will is most likely at the root of most illnesses, especially depletion fatigue issues. A traumatic birth can lead the soul away from...

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Ancestral and Inter-generational Healing Training Programme

It seems self-evident that most illnesses, health, and health conditions will have an ancestral aspect. For example, people often say that heart disease, arthritis, asthma also occurred in previous generation, their mothers, their fathers, grandparents etc. Persistent ways of suffering also seem to come down the ancestral lines from grandfather to father to son or daughter. The purpose of the...

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Nutrition for the Complementary Therapist (Biomagnetic Therapist)

The purpose of this programme is to give complementary (biomagnetic therapists) an appreciation of the role of nutrition in multi-dimensional medicine.    It is not a substitute for full certification as a Nutritional Therapist but it does give complementary therapists sufficient information to be able to recommend some basic changes in the nutritional status of their clients and know when to...

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Intensive Biomagnetic Therapy Weekend on Trauma, Biological Conflict and Ancestral Healing

At its heart this is a personal development programme.  Each participant can expect to identify key trauma points in their lives and do some reflection and self-realising in relation to these.  It also covers ancestral aspects and it is highly likely that as a participant you can get an insight into your own ancestral issues and how they may affect...

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Soul Healing Retreat

We welcome everyone to our weekend retreats.  These weekends are held from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and are held in various venues around Ireland at different dates. Learn how to activate and heal the deep soul. This is about living the joy of life. Loss of contact with the force of Universal Love, God, The Power greater than us,...

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Introduction to The Virtual Experience Event in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

In this first short video of a series – “Virtual Experience Event in Biomagnetism” Dr Raymond B Cadwell PhD, welcomes you to view and experience Applied Biomagnetism in a virtual reality.

Demonstration in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

Dr Raymond B Cadwell, PhD demonstrates an applied biomagnetic session.

What Previous Applied Biomagnetic Therapy Students Say

What do practitioners say about Dr Raymond Cadwell as a teacher?

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