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Our training programmes are the only Certified Training Programmes in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.  Our  programmes are only offered by the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy and our Certified Trainers.

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy – what a mouthful – what on earth does it mean? 

Hello there and welcome.  Today I’m talking about the practitioners programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.    Applied Biomagnetic Therapy – what a mouthful – what on earth does it mean? The proposal is that Applied Biomagnetic Therapy is a way of…

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Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue

The topic for today is Lyme/chronic fatigue syndrome and generally all of those symptoms that are associated with depletion of energy Applied Biomagnetic Therapy has had very good results with Lyme disease. A better name for it would be ”Multiple…

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The Experience Evening/Event explained

Hello there and welcome.  I’m talking today about the Experience Evenings/Events that we are putting on in order to help people to decide if they would like to attend the practitioner’s programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.  And remember you do not…

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Enhancing your existing Energy Healing with Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

Hello there welcome.  Today I’m talking to all of you who practice energy healing in one form or another.   It can be Kinesiology, Bio Energy Healing and so on.  As you know there are many different modalities. So, why would…

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Protecting Yourself from Burnout

Hello and welcome. Today I’d like to talk about burnout for practitioners and how we, as complementary health practitioners, can protect our energy fields, to make sure we don’t end up exhausted and depleted. This can result in the treatment…

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