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We at the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy wish to acknowledge the pioneering work of our Dr Raymond B Cadwell in creating the innovative practice of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy-Multi-Dimensional Medicine.

A University Lecturer, a recognised Trainer and Business Consultant, his study of many forms of Educational Technology especially in the realm of Experiential Learning, accelerated and unconscious learning, enabled him to design engaging and easily digestible Certification programmes.

The evolution of APPLIED Biomagnetic Therapy is due to our patients and students who triggered this successful evolution during 15000 hours of treatments  over the last 9 years.

We wish to acknowledge the ground-breaking discoveries of Dr Iaac Goiz Duran in the development of  Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.  Many of his discoveries from 40 years ago are still valid to this day which indicates  that he tapped into a well of profound knowledge in relation to the action of Biomagnetic Energy in the body.

He built on the work of Richard Broeringmeyer who had demonstrated the use of the negatively charged magnet to heal many health conditions. He introduced the biomagnetic pair. and reminded us of the value of a balanced biomagnetic field.

Dr Miguel Ojeda de Rios educated us on the role of Biological conflicts in the body and his work provided us with crucial insights for our Masters Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.

Family Constellation and Ancestral healing were contributed by Kola Broenner, Director of The Integrated Health Centre in Aachen in Germany.

The spiritual dimension was in the form of “Soul Healing” arose from our work with the School of Self Realisation and its inspiring teachers.

Finally, our Director and Faculty Member Michele Ryan (Michele Ryan, BBS, MBS, SRHM, FCIPD)  who was with us from the start and provides the wisdom and guidance for our continuing innovation and evolution.