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Resources for Practitioners

This section of the website is tailor-made for Practitioners of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy/Biomagnetism/Biomagnetic Pair Therapy/Biomagnetics etc.

In addition, it can also be a resource for complementary practitioners from many different modalities.  This information is designed to be an aid to you in your practice, some of which of course, are only relevant for biomagnetic practitioners.  Others are also relevant to many other types of practitioner.

Eating Disorders

Today I’d like to talk about eating disorders. This is a difficult topic and I welcome all  practitioners in this wonderful field of healing which can bring health and well-being to people who suffer from eating disorders.

Perhaps everybody suffers from some form of eating disorder. For example, if we find that we over indulge in certain foods like chocolate, sugar based products, alcohol or we find we struggle in the evening time when we want to keep eating while watching television

It’s likely that in your practice you will come across clients who suffer from some form of eating disorder. Here are few ideas that I found useful in treating people with eating disorders. The first place to start is the metabolism.

When the metabolism is based primarily on sugar or when a person gets most of their energy from sugar it sets up a situation where the sugar burns very quickly in the body and the body demands more and more carbohydrates, especially sugar based carbohydrates to keep going. Insulin spikes, which can intoxicate the body. The first thing to think about is shifting the metabolism towards fat burning and away from sugar burning.

You can also find that people are not able to absorb the nutrients from their food due to a poor liver function, poor bile or low stomach acid. In this case the food isn’t being broken down properly and even though they may be over-weight, they are suffering from malnutrition. They are not extracting the nutrition from the food.

We need to also examine the area of addiction. I myself have been addicted to chocolate in the past. I have had clients say to me “I’m lucky I’m not addicted to alcohol in the same way that I’m addicted to food”. How can we work with this level of food-addiction?

If you work with addiction in your practice, you will already have some good ideas about this. Fundamentally I am going along here with the great work Alcoholics Anonymous has done on addiction. We can apply some of their teaching on addiction to alcohol, to food addiction and eating disorders. It begins with allowing the person to recognise there is a power greater than them to which they have to surrender their powerlessness in relation to controlling food.  So a twelve step approach may come into play here.

Of course, in addition to this, we need to look at the emotional basis for the addition; was there a food conflict or starvation conflict earlier in the life of the child?  Were they given certain types of food which didn’t nourish them and their cells and therefore this long standing starvation conflict creates an insatiable appetite for certain types of food?

I’d like to now move on from the more so called milder food disorders to more serious eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. We often find in the case of these more serious conditions that there has been an ugly conflict or traumatic event in the young person’s life. It can be to do with sexual abuse or not being able to absorb something very ugly that could have taken place in the abdomen. We call this abdominal conflict.

When purging of the body, in the case of bulimia, the person is literally trying to extract the ugliness from their past by bringing the food back up again. Often that ugliness is associated with the food.  It’s never that simple – this is just an example.

In the case of anorexia we can also see major issues with body image. Perhaps an attempt to keep the body as a young child because that body has not been able to evolve and grow out of fear or triggering the same kind of abuse or conflict that happened in the first place.

These are just a number of ideas that I’ve been working with in my practice and I thought that you might be interested to hear something about them.

Thank you for listening and I look forward to another conversation.

If you are affected by any of the above or have any queries relating to this please email [email protected].

Protecting yourself during a treatment

Hello and welcome. Today I’d like to talk about burnout for practitioners and how we, as complementary health practitioners, can protect our energy fields, to make sure we don’t end up exhausted and depleted. This can result in the treatment of our clients becoming a drain on our energy and indeed on our lives.

On the programme that we will be teaching in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy, one of the things we will be covering is this very thing; how do you protect yourself and keep your energy field intact. We will be offering a number of suggestions as how to do that.

My own fundamental recommendation in order to make sure that your energy field is kept at a high level is to learn a number of practices which will generate a higher energy field than those of your clients.

When your energy field drops below a certain level on the bovis scale, which is a way of measuring energy, you will be prone to getting exhausted and depleted. So we need to be working on keeping our energy levels high.

The main tip in preventing burnout, that I use myself here in the practice is this; If at any time my physical body, my sensations, pick up any kind of depletion or tiredness I always associate that with the treatment I’m giving.

So, my policy is always to stop, sit away from the client and wait for my energy to return to its higher vibration. This is extremely useful because I find that sitting quietly and allowing my own energy field to regenerate often gives me further great ideas in terms of treating the client. I receive inspiration and sometimes the treatment will turn out very different than it would have if I had pushed through my own tiredness. So the real recommendation here is never push through your own tiredness, depletion or exhaustion to deliver a treatment.

Stop, sit, wait and perform a short meditation practice. If you join us on our practitioners programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy will be teaching you some practices you can do in order to maintain your field at such a high vibration that the client’s energy won’t affect you.

I look forward to talking to you again.

Psychological Reversal and Disabling Beliefs

Hello there and welcome. The topic for today is the whole question of psychological reversals and disabling beliefs.

So for every practitioner in complimentary medicine and indeed in allopathic medicine, there is the issue of unconscious beliefs that can sabotage the treatment. These are quite common and yet at the same time how many of us actually ask the question on whether there are any disabling or other unconscious beliefs that are causing the healing to be sabotaged or interrupted in some way?

Now this has nothing to do with saying to clients it’s all in your head so to speak. That’s not it. It isn’t in our client’s heads. Our clients suffer from real conditions.

So, what about this question of disabling beliefs. Well there are a few of them and Carolyn Myss has written a great book on this very topic – “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can” – I think is the title of the book and I’ve taken some of her ideas and turned them into a protocol for identifying unconscious, disabling beliefs which can inhibit your clients from returning to full health.

I’ll talk about one of these which is very common and it says something like this, ” I am damaged beyond repair, healing is impossible.” Of course this is unconscious.

Now this belief crops up frequently as I say and when it does, it can be a real block to progression towards full health and well-being.

When your client is not making progress with the treatments –this is a must ask question

Now this belief crops up frequently as I say and when it does, it can be a real block to progression towards full health and well-being.

On our practitioners programme, I deal with this issue and teach you how to work with disabling beliefs and understand on a deep level how they can affect the microbial field, the microbes of the gut, the tissues and organs of the body.

I look forward to sharing this with you in the future.


Working with Psychological Issues

Today I’m talking about psychological conditions and biomagnetic therapy. Can you as a psychotherapist, as a counsellor, somebody who works with people on mental health issues, can you give people a good service by adding this modality to your existing practice?

I had a case once there a number of years ago where a woman came into the practice, saying that she was diagnosed with having a personality disorder and she was very distraught about this whole diagnosis and what she was told about it. She asked whether we could help. So I did a scan of her body and I found, among other things, on a physical level that the parasite, the Fasciolopsis Buski was way out of balance in various parts of our body and that she also had lead poisoning.

We know from our experience over the years that when you combine these two do get obsessive thinking, with the dark side in life. By balancing that particular parasite along with the other co-infections involved and working with leaching the lead from the liver especially, these symptoms disappeared. So you could say here was a case where the cause of the psychological problem was in fact a physiological cause, a biological cause.

So in this way, when we add this approach to our existing ways of helping people with mental health conditions, we can certainly make a really true and beneficial contribution.

Thank you for listening. Talk soon.

Tips For Building A Complementary Practice

Today we are talking about building a successful Complementary practice in any aspect of Multi-dimensional Medicine.

The reason is to provide you with a good living and at the same time fulfills your deep values of being of service to people who are struggling in life, who would like to develop their well-being and vitality.

In my own case I started out as a spiritual healer in the world of complementary medicine and I had about two or three clients a week and it was nice to do but it certainly was not providing me with a living.

When I added biomagnetic therapy to the practice, I found that some clients got well from quite serious health conditions. One was a person who had an incipient kidney failure, both kidneys were not working and another person was a person with MS who could not see very well.

These two clients in particular had great success. And the whole thing spiralled from there.

So the first lesson to learn about building a vibrant practice is that it begins with one client. To be successful with one client is by far the best way to build a practice. Wise ones say that 80% of your new clients will come from existing clients and their family and friends.

The second thing I learned was that many of us practitioners are enthused by the name of our practice, so we call ourselves by the method of the practice, Psychotherapists, Kinesiologists, Nutritionists, Acupuncture, Amatsu and Osteopathy.

New clients who need our services don’t know what these names exactly mean and don’t know their relevance to their particular issues. I found it very useful present myself as a solution to a problem.

Ask yourself what problems does my practice solve for my patients? You can in my own case that I position myself as healing the underlying causes of persistent health conditions.

I don’t need to present myself as a biomagnetic therapist primarily but rather as somebody who has a solution for conditions, illnesses and problems with which people can identify.

So these two lessons have been very useful.

Money and the Practitioner

As practitioners our primary aim is to assist our clients to return to a healthy and joyful life. They may be experiencing chronic health conditions, may have lost their means to earn a living and their well-being.

However, sometimes, we as practitioners have a conflict around accepting and charging for our services.

It may be useful here to restate what is the basis of payment for healing and complementary medicine – the issue of money and healing. There is a fundamental law that governs this area and this is the law of exchange, the law of reciprocity, which says that when you give a treatment, the client needs to balance the exchange by giving something back in return.

This is the universal law and if you break that law by taking responsibility for your clients financial circumstances you’re engaging yourself in an entanglement that won’t serve you or your clients.

This area can also creep into our personal lives when you offer a friend or colleague a treatment with no charge. Firstly, by deciding who becomes a client, you are becoming entangled in their lives and secondly, you are ignoring the law of exchange.

Perhaps you don’t have a specific charge but you leave the question of exchange up to your clients – donations if you will. I personally did that for a number of years and what I found was that although many patients were happy to give a fair donation for the exchange many clients did not. And so they in a way got themselves into a situation where they were lacking integrity in relation to what they were giving for the treatment they were receiving.

This led to less than successful outcomes. When I stopped doing it I was more effective. Exchanging sessions may be ok for one or two sessions but in the longer term it too can become unbalanced. My practice is “I pay you for my sessions” and “ you pay me for yours.”

Fundamentally, it is in all of our best interests to decide what is a reasonable exchange for the treatment where patients can give and receive their treatment with integrity.

Of course this reasonable exchange may not be as straight forward as we would like. As mentioned, the reasons why many people become our clients is because they are not in their best health. They may have lost their ability to earn a living or they may have had to reduce their working hours which may mean a reduction in their financial income. So paying for complementary treatments can be challenging. Most complementary treatments are not paid for by the health service or by social welfare.

So how do you manage this dilemma? Take for example a person who is receiving unemployment benefit. If a complementary treatment cost €50 this may be the equivalent of perhaps another person paying €1,000 given their financial circumstances.

So how can we as practitioners take into account the various financial circumstances of our clients. This is a very tricky area. Let’s explore this further.

Many practitioners who offer discounts and free treatments often do so when they themselves don’t actually have very much money or resources and so this action ends up in depletion.

So, when can we offer discounts or free treatments that won’t interfere with the universal law? What I have come to believe is that once you have established a successful practice and you are earning a good living it is ok to pick a particular group of people that you would like to serve.

For example perhaps you would like to offer your services to homeless people. You can offer this service to this group of people and say “I will give service and I will allow the universe to balance that on the patients behalf.”

I think that this is a perfectly legitimate practice provided that you are not giving it out of your lack, but out of your abundance.

Lastly, a word about the emotions of fear and embarrassment which newly qualified practitioners may feel about asking or receiving payment for their services. These emotions may feed back into our sense of our own value and self worth and if we start to address these emotions we can then move forward.

At the beginning of your complementary service life, you may feel that the potential value you are offering to your clients may be low. Therefore, your fee should reflect this. As your experience and successes grow, your practice and client numbers will grow and you can then review the expected exchange based on the value that patients are generally getting from your work.

Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue

The topic for today is Lyme/chronic fatigue syndrome and generally all of those symptoms that are associated with depletion of energy

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy has had very good results with Lyme disease. A better name for it would be ”Multiple Systematic Infectious Disease Syndrome” (MSIDS).

What is the multi-dimensional medicine approach to Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue?

Every input has a respected place in the approach to bringing our clients back to health. Antibiotics play an important role especially when people are very depleted and I have seen examples where people have been able to get out of wheelchairs as a result of antibiotic treatments and other antivirals. However, we do find that that’s a good result but it doesn’t often deliver complete recovery so we need multi-dimensional medicine which adds another dimension.

The other dimension are microbes and we do detect the energy signature of  well-known microbes like Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia Clostridium and so on in a biomagnetic treatment.

We are 85% microbe so the microbes are an important part of our immune system as a defence in relation to pathogenic microbes.

So that’s why we say that that antibiotic/antiviral treatment with chemical drugs has a role to play but you need another dimension to compliment that and that’s where biomagnetic therapy can play a role. But it is not the only modality that’s important here.  Any kind of energy medicine can play their role.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in the treatment of these kinds of conditions. Acupuncture has been combined with a number of other items including biomagnetic therapy, Kinesiology what has been shown to help is  a multi-dimensional approach to this illness.

Interestingly enough, when I work with people who suffer from Lyme/chronic fatigue conditions what I find is that it’s not the tick bite necessarily that pushes people into chronic fatigue.  We do know that forest workers in Canada all have huge antibodies to Borrelia and Bartonella, and yet they don’t get sick.

I find that family members of people with chronic fatigue and Lyme disease do not get the same symptoms even though they share the same microbes as the family member who does have Lyme disease.

Generally speaking,  microbes that were important at the beginning of life, such as Rubella, Measles, Staphylococcus  have remained pathogenic and because they are pathogenic these seems to set people up to be very vulnerable for tick bites and other insect borne diseases. That is why the forest workers, the people who work with animals  don’t get the symptoms of fatigue because their early childhood microbes are in balance.

There have been cases where Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia have not needed to be treated because when  the earlier microbes were balanced the person got better. They were able to deal with the later infections very effectively.

Detoxing the body, improving the functioning of the liver, the kidneys and the whole digestive system are crucial.  After all, even if you do take antibiotics you do need a digestive system that can break these down to enable the body to extract the benefit from them.

But often because the liver/kidneys or the digestive system are not working to their full capacity the ability to process these medications is reduced.  Therefore, the antibiotics dosage is increased, and we end up go around and around.  This issue is not that the antibiotics are not working, it is because the body cannot metabolise them.

To summarise, balancing childhood related microbes and a functioning digestive are crucial  for releasing the microbes involved in Lyme disease and Chronic fatigue.