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A Pathway to a New Career
Building your professional competence
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Change your Career in 4 days! Become a Certified Applied Biomagnetic Therapist (CABT).  Or are you an existing therapist and want to bring your practice to a new level?

Your emotionally and financially rewarding career can be yours and starts here!

Join our friendly, practical and affordable ONLINE OR PHYSICAL applied biomagnetic  training/biomagnetism programmes now.   Our aim is to ensure that you are competent in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy/Biomagnetism and will have the knowledge, the skills, the enthusiasm, and the practical ability to set up your own clinic/work immediately in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.  We offer both ONLINE biomagnetism training and practical PHYSICAL face to face biomagnetism training in Ireland, Switzerland and the UK.

To become a Certified Applied Biomagnetic Therapist (CABT) you must complete the Practitioner Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy which consists of 3 levels of our training.  Or perhaps your interest is to look after your friends and families health?  Complete Level 1 and this will give you a great introduction to this modality.

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There has been a collective shift towards holistic approaches – have you? Applied Biomagnetic Therapy (ABT) is an adjunct to western medicine or as a means of treating illnesses which have not responded well to other forms of treatment.

Whether you are looking to change your career to complementary medicine to help others, to develop more skills to enhance your existing practice as a complementary therapist, or to help your family we offer THE solution. To change your life, for the better, we invite you to investigate one of our many options.  Our certified and structured training programmes are presented in an easily accessible, absorbable and practical manner.   Both our online/physical biomagnetism training programmes offer you world recognised qualifications, independence and flexibility to work around your existing commitments and family.

Join our growing family of Applied Biomagnetic Therapists (ABT) who have studied the Institute’s biomagnetism training both in Ireland and abroad.


Online Biomagnetism Training

Online Biomagnetism Training -

Our online biomagnetism training is accessible when and where YOU need it. Gain your professional certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy - Multi Dimensional Medicine - the new Biomagnetism.

We offer three online levels of training similar to our physical training levels. This professional certification allows you to graduate as a Certified Applied Biomagnetic Therapist once you have completed the three online training levels and have submitted your case studies after Levels 1 and 2 for review by the Faculty of the Institute.

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Does this Therapy work?  Why does it work?

Read some of the success stories and testimonials that our clients have provided to both Dr Raymond B Cadwell and to our Certified Applied Biomagnetic Therapists. Our graduated, certified therapists are successfully offering biomagnetic healing sessions throughout Ireland, the UK and the USA.

We thank all of our clients who have provided these testimonials for our use.

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What is Applied Biomagnetic Therapy (ABT)

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy (ABT) integrates five foundational perspectives of what we now call Applied Biomagnetic Therapy. Get the microbes and the biomagnetic field balanced in your body and you are well on the way to health and well-being.  Balancing microbes such as Streptococcus, Herpes, E Coli etc is the foundation of Health.  Without this balance many autoimmune and persistent Illnesses will not heal.  And when you do this you are practicing Biomagnetic therapy.

When you understand that Health is multi-dimensional and that what damages Health in the first place is Trauma (shocks to the body) which in turn damage the microbes and biomagnetic field, then you are understanding APPLIED Biomagnetic Therapy (ABT).  Trauma is the main  cause of all underlying illnesses.  When you add emotional and ancestral causes to the picture you are moving towards becoming a Master Practitioner of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy – multi-dimensional medicine.

During your Applied Biomagnetic training programmes with the Institute you will be taught how to integrate the five foundational perspectives into your client sessions.

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