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What is the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy?

The Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy is a self certifying body.  It offers its training programmes in Dublin Ireland, Switzerland and in Germany.  It is devoted to the development of a complementary multi-dimensional approach to health and well-being. As such, the Institute has the following objectives:

  • To educate and train health therapists in the foundation of multi-dimensional medicine which is balancing microbes and biomagnetic energy of the body through Applied Biomagnetic Therapy (biomagnetism).
  • To train therapists in biomagnetic and bio-energy resonance testing so they may better read the body wisdom in relation to the blocks to well-being
  • To innovate and pioneer protocols for resolving trauma, biological conflicts, ancestral and soul healing
  • To conduct ongoing literature and journal research into neuroscience, microbiology, genetics and the microbiome of humans and microbes as they relate to health and well-being
  • To conduct research on the effectiveness of applied biomagnetic therapy in returning clients to health and well-being
  • To publish case studies on the effectiveness of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy on:
    • Lyme Disease and chronic fatigue
    • Acute conditions such as flu, influenza and infections
    • Skin conditions
    • Body pain and Fibromyalgia type conditions
    • Emotional issues such as chronic stress, anxiety and depression

Agreed Code of Practice for the Practitioner of Biomagnetic Therapy/Biomagnetism

The purpose of this Code of Practice is to ensure that all practitioners reach and maintain a specific standard in relation to the ethical and safe practice of applied biomagnetic therapy/biomagnetism.

In this Code of Practice we will use the word ‘practitioner’ for the person who is giving the treatment and we will use the ‘recipients’ for those that are receiving the treatment.

The Code

    1. All practitioners shall acquire and display Certification of their Competence to Practice Biomagnetic Therapy/Biomagnetism.
    2. Practitioners make clear to recipients that they are not medical doctors and they are not qualified to give any kind of diagnosis and that they are entirely complementary practitioners of applied biomagnetic therapy/biomagnetism.
    3. Practitioners will instruct their recipients to attend their doctor for all medical decisions and prescriptions of medication.
    4. Practitioners shall not make a diagnosis of any particular disease especially such diseases as Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, MS or any other medical condition.
    5. Practitioners make clear to the recipients that this is in the realm of complementary energy medicine/therapy.
    6. Practitioners will at all times treat recipients with respect and consideration for the integrity of their physical mental and emotional boundaries.
    7. Practitioners will listen deeply to the narratives of recipients and endeavour to get an in depth understanding of their health condition and their specific needs.
    8. The practitioner will agree with the recipient the specific outcomes to be obtained from the sessions and monitor these on an ongoing basis.
    9. Practitioners will make clear to recipients that Applied Biomagnetic Therapy/Biomagnetism is part of multidimensional medicine of which there are many aspects and biomagnetism is just one of these.
    10. Practitioners will engage in ongoing education and research in order to continuously improve their capability.
    11. Practitioners will be responsible for their own health and well-being and take regular action to enhance and maintain their own health.
    1. Practitioners will keep appropriate records of their sessions and undertake to study each recipients progress and continuously investigate and research how they can improve their service to their clients.
    2. Practitioners will charge an appropriate fee for their services, such that they can maintain financial viability and be affordable
    3. In terms of feedback to recipients Practitioners must only speak in the language of Biomagnetic and microbial balance never in their language of allopathic medicine.
    4. Practitioners make clear that the effectiveness of this modality has so far only been proven by case studies from clients and surveys of existing client.
    5. Practitioners may never claim to heal a medically designated illness such as MS, Arthritis etc but may state that they practice a complementary medicine to that which is practiced by an accredited medical practitioner. In addition, the Practitioner may provide case studies and endorsements from clients.

Who is the Faculty of the Institute?

Dr Raymond B Cadwell, PhD


Audrey A Quinn, CABT, CIPD

Director and Manager of the Institute

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