Case studies

General Symptom Patient designation Age Main symptom No. of sessions Result
Asthma Asthma10 32 Asthma, sarcoidosis, exhausted 6 Back dancing and teaching Yoga
Breast Health Br1 45 Thermal imaging shadow on Breast 8 All clear
Chronic Fatigue Chron fatigue 1 36 Exhausted, cant work, Stressed, high anxiety 20 ran marthon, back at work, very fit
Chronic Fatigue Chron fatigue5 29 Exhausted, knee and joint pain 5 Pain free, energy back, ongoing mainten
Coilitis Colitis 6 38 mucus, blood in stools 3 No more incidents for last 6 months
Pain Colitis 7 45 Costochrondritis-chronic pain in ribs 3 All clear
Cough Colitis 8 79 chronic cough, mucus for 20 years 1 Cough gone and free of Mucus
Emotional Colitis 9 8 Temper Tantrums/anger/challenging behaviour 2 relaxed happy child
Emotional Colitis 10 33 insomia, Restless, Self Confidence, Anger 4 release from symptoms, new job, confident
Emotional Colitis 11 28 Stress, run down, skin erruptions, sleep 6 newly married, happy and business thriving
Fibryomyalgia Colitis 12 61 fibromyalgia pain in joints 5 All clear
Fibryomyalgia Colitis 13 56 Fibromyalgia pain in joints, insomia, exhausted 5 Pain free, energy back, ongoing maintenance.e
Fibryomyalgia Fibmy3 55 pinchy tingly pain in hips and knee 3 knee and hip cleared
Fibryomyalgia Fibmy4 65 nerve damage in right leg, pain in neck/shoulder 4 Free movement, pain and stiffness gone.
Fertility nfertil 1 29 Infertile–wishing for a baby 2 Baby born
Kidney K1 47 poor kidney function 10 Energy recovered/creatine levels improved
Lyme Lyme 3 53 Brain fog, Fatigue, burning feet, Aching,weak 6 fully recovered, great energy, pain free
Lyme Lyme 4 45 Overwheelmed by emotions, saddness, exhausted 8 calm, balanced and free from strong emotions.
Lyme lyme 5 36 insect bite, bullseye rash, exhausted, Blurred vision 3 rash disappeared, energy back, ongoing preventative
Lyme Lyme1 49 Brain fog, fatigue, insomia, feeling bad 4 2 month relief of symptoms-work in progress
Lyme Lyme2 60 chronic mucus, deeply tired, spine, neck pain 12 New lease of life, pain released.
MS MS1 32 Multiple Sceleros-blindness 8 Sight returned/remission of all symptoms
Sinus Sinus 1 70 mucus in sinuses and deafness 1 Sinus clear
Urinary Tract infection urinary1 43 Urinary tract infection, leakage, blood in stools 5 Clear of symptoms, ongoin maintenance