Ever heard of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy? by Alison McEvoy

23 Oct
Ever heard of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy? by Alison McEvoy

Having witnessed Raymond in action, and received a session of my own, I found myself drawn to Raymond’s method of Applied Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. For the following five weeks I went to Raymond and the experience unfolded as follows…


Are there microbes out of balance?

Through observing how the body contracts, Raymond garnered the answer to this, his initial line of inquiry. He questioned and questioned, and my body responded through muscle contractions, leading him to be able to tell me the exact type of microbe present. Then, he applied a pair of magnets to my body to neutralise the microbial presence, enabling it to exist in balance. The physical crux of the matter was that my body was not sufficiently absorbing the nutrients from the carefully selected, mostly organic, and well thought out meals I was preparing for myself each day. There was a moment of true disheartenment when I heard this. My efforts to take care of my body were being foiled by something I couldn’t fathom happening under my skin – the presence of microbes which had taken up home in my weak spots. My world view was continuously challenged and widened during the weeks receiving treatment from and chatting with Raymond. For one, I began to realise that microbes are present in us all and that they are not an enemy to be eradicated but rather, together with unhealed traumas, are only potential causes of imbalance and disease in the body.

Is there a trauma involved?

This is Raymond’s second line of investigation as he endeavours to get to the root of the issue on all levels. When we have experiences beyond our powers of mental-emotional comprehension and integration (namely, traumas), our body responds to help us to contain our overwhelm in order to survive. Subconscious programs arise to handle, for the time being, what cannot be consciously dealt with. These programs are beneficial in the short term. Long term however, the places in our bodies which have borne the weight of this trauma become our weak spots. For many of us, this spot can be the parts of the body to do with ingesting and metabolising food.

If there is trauma involved, Raymond again questions and listens to the body through muscle testing to find out the exact type of trauma involved, right down to the date, time and feelings experienced. He then places you in a light trance to release and reprogram the body. In this way the body’s weak spots become strong and functioning once more. These traumas can appear to be very slight experiences to our adult-self. However, many of our traumas originate in childhood, an extremely vulnerable and sensitive time of life when we can easily become overwhelmed.

Is there anything ancestral involved?

Is there an illness of the soul? These are the next two lines of inquiry where Raymond ventures towards the root cause, making this modality a really deep process of healing. At the moment there are few practitioners in Ireland and he intends to remedy this by offering a practitioner training programme so that this method, this modality of deep inquiry, can reach more people. In the wake of my weeks of treatment I felt myself slowly but steadily growing stronger, starting from deep inside my tissues. I am still in the process of regaining my full strength, however.

For me, the treatments have been incredibly informative, enlightening and powerful on mental-emotional levels, and the physical is also on its way.

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