Healing with Magnets and Messages – Positive Life Article – Alison McEvoy

19 Oct
Healing with Magnets and Messages – Positive Life Article – Alison McEvoy

“It’s as if he talks to your body and the body answers,” his client, let’s call her Claudia, told me while Raymond prepared for her session. Claudia became ill when she was just twenty-one years old, in 2009. For the following eight years she went through a series of misdiagnoses and mistreatments: “fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, a long list, until I found Raymond.” Raymond began treating Claudia in November 2017 for what he accurately diagnosed to be Lyme’s disease, alongside a range of other issues.

Since then she has finally begun to see improvement in her condition. Observing Raymond in action was astonishing. Biomagnetic Therapy is a healing modality which gets to the genuine core of the issue and imparts practical, observable improvement. He uses a form of Kinesiology, or muscle testing, to communicate with the body, reading ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers from muscle contractions. I felt I was in the presence of a deep communication where Claudia’s body was finally being heard and could receive the rebalancing and reprogramming it needed.

Raymond proceeded to carry out an in-depth process of investigation and discovery which presented him with information on imbalances in place in Claudia’s body right down to the level of microbes (e.g. bacteria, viruses and fungi) which the human body is home to a plethora of. He then placed the magnets in such a way as to neutralise and balance any microbial presences which were interfering with the body’s healthy functioning. Claudia had observed that Raymond “uses his own healing powers to strengthen what he’s doing.” Indeed, he has coined the term Applied Biomagnetic Therapy to describe his unique approach.

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy is a comprehensive approach to healing which, Raymond explained, recognises that “illness is a perfectly logical response of the body to a trauma or impact.” Raymond inquires, through the body, for this causative factor in illness through asking four fundamental questions; 1. Are there microbes out of balance? 2. Is there a trauma involved? 3. Is there anything ancestral involved? 4. Is there an illness of the soul? Once the answers to these questions had been received from the body and the magnets were in place, guiding the body back into microbial balance, he set about addressing the fundamental trauma. Having placed Claudia into a light trance in order to communicate with her subconscious, he helped her body to deactivate the perfectly logical decision her body had made at the time of trauma but which was no longer necessary and was now acting as a hindrance to health.

He helped her body to replace this subconscious program with a healthy program, thereby guiding the cells, chromosomes and genes back into perfect harmony and balance. When it came to my turn, the treatment was truly revelatory.  Raymond gave me his usual first visit treatment, a systematic scan in amazing detail, and a clear program for healing and rebalancing everything which had been discovered. Raymond will soon be offering a practitioner training program in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy which will teach therapists to address illness using this therapy on the four levels of: microbes, underlying trauma, ancestral and soul issues. For more information contact Raymond through info@biomagnetism.ie

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