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19 Feb
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Vermont therapist Joan Randall visits Dublin to teach the man she says cured her of Lyme disease

The Institute of Biomagnetism’s clinic overlooking the majestic Killiney Bay was the venue for a talk given by Joan Randall to a group of people affected by Lyme Disease last June. Joan paid her first visit to the Institute, which was founded by Raymond Cadwell, the man she credits for her recovery from Lyme disease. Lyme is an infectious disease often caused by a tick bite, and Joan is from the notoriously Lyme endemic area of Vermont where she had been bedridden with the disease for over a year, having “tried everything.”

“I went to see the top infectious diseases doctor in our region”, she told the gathering on one of the Institute’s open days. “By the third month I could crawl out of bed.” But Joan could hardly eat anything.“ I was losing a pound a day and one of my girlfriends dragged me to a naturopath who put me on many herbal remedies and really high-powered antibiotics until I was able to get out of bed for about four hours a day. I lived alone so that basically meant that I cooked myself something nourishing to eat and did very minimal things.” Her debilitating condition improved no further. This existence was a far cry from Joan’s successful career running a dialysis unit in a hospital.

Mystic Healing Retrea
After a year of bed-ridden agony, her friends suggested she attend a Mystic Healing meditation retreat to be guided by Raymond Cadwell who was due in Vermont on one of his annual trips from Ireland. “Some dear friends said, ‘you need to go and meet Raymond.’ He wasn’t doing Biomagnetic therapy at that point and I just went for the spiritual healing retreat. I went dragging my heels, I have to tell you! I thought, ‘I’m too ill, I am lying in bed all day, why do I need to go on retreat and get rest?!’ But that was the point that actually changed my life.”
After the Mystic healing retreat Joan felt a little better. It was a later encounter with Raymond, however, after he trained in Biomagnetism, that was to result in her breakthrough.

Raymond departed Vermont that September 2012 and set off for San Francisco to embark on an intensive course in Biomagnetism, which uses magnetic energy to remove the parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi, which are causing chronic health conditions such as Lyme. Raymond had heard impressive reports about the treatment from his Spanish associates in Mystic Healing, which has its origins in Spain. Biomagnetism, also called Biomagnetic Pair
Therapy, was created by a Mexican medical doctor, Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran , who has had such success with the therapy that its fame has spread through the Spanish-speaking world and it is now on the curriculum of the University of El Escorial in Madrid.

As the months glided by, back in Vermont Joan was beginning to lose any hope of recovery. “I spent a long winter thinking, ‘I’m basically going to die from this disease’. Nothing in medicine was helping me, I didn’t know where to turn.

Master José
Then this little voice said that Raymond had said at the end of the retreat, ‘you can always try to reach out to Master José.’” Master José is the originator of Mystic Healing. Joan explained her difficulty with this notion to the group,
“I’m very Western medicine oriented. I spent 17 years working in the medical field, you have to understand that, so this is a huge shift for me, a very huge shift for me. I decided I have nothing to lose, I am on my knees now.” Joan had her audience captivated by her narrative; some of them Lyme sufferers, resonating with her plight. She told us how she prayed, ‘Master José you supposedly can hear me. If you can, let me know what is going on,
or what can I do? I want to live and I want to go forward with my life. I don’t want to spend it in bed. I don’t want to be disabled.”

“Two days later don’t you think I get an email from Raymond saying, ‘hang in there I am coming in a month’s time and I’m going to try this therapy
on you. I have no idea if it works on Lyme disease, but let’s try it, you have nothing to lose.’ Then he said,‘ I won’t even charge you I’m just
going to come and treat you!’” “He knew I couldn’t say ‘no’! Joan chuckled as she recalled reading the email.

Biomagnetism Treatments
So he came over, he gave me three or four treatments in the course of two weeks and I remember driving him to the bus station and he said, ‘you will be fine, we got it all.’” Feeling miserable, Joan had every reason to be sceptical. “I can’t even tell you how sick I was. And I barely got to the bus station and drove myself home. I crawled into bed and that’s where I spent four days, I could barely get to the bathroom. At the end of those
four days I was so disappointed thinking, this didn’t work either, now what do I do? But, the following morning I woke up and truthfully, I woke up and I’m looking around the room like it’s a new room and I’m saying, what is going on here? Something was definitely different. In that exact moment I knew I was well. That was it. It was just like a light switch for me. I knew I was well. I got up, went about my day and I remember Raymond saying if
you do feel well, take it easy to allow your body to heal for a month; that really stayed with me. I did follow his orders. Now the next problem was convincing my doctor it is time to go off my medications and all my herbs because I knew it was time to go off them.” Joan described her disbelief at her restored normality.

Biomagnetism training
One of the first tasks on her ‘to do list’ was to embark on the Biomagnetism training herself in San Francisco to satisfy her enquiring mind. Two years later, Joan now runs a successful Biomagnetism practice in Vermont, specialising in the treatment of Lyme disease. She told the group that 13 doctors are now referring their chronic Lyme patients to her. She has devised a very specific protocol that treats Lyme in all its complexity and part
of her mission in visiting Dublin was to teach her former master, and his associates, her Lyme protocol.

Barbara Trawinski

One of the guests at the Lyme open day was musician and artist Barbara Trawinski, who travelled up from Westport. Following a tick bite in 2013 Barbara developed a multiple ‘bull’s eye rash’ and within a short space of time began to suffer severe illness and disability.

She could no longer lead a normal life. Her GP put her on a short course of antibiotics. She was tested for Lyme disease but with a negative result. However, urged by a friend, she visited doctors in her home country Germany where, following more sophisticated tests, she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and treated with long term antibiotics. “The long term antibiotic medication helped to an extent”, Barbara said, “but it was really tough on my body. I could barely walk or sit upright during treatment and even had to use a wheelchair on several occasions”.

Barbara received a complimen-tary session during the open day from Joan Randall and served as a ‘body’ for Joan to teach Raymond and his colleague
Sherrie Scott her new protocol for Lyme disease. Joan has had so much success in Vermont with this programme that an eminent New York Lyme expert has invited her to take part in clinical medical trials on Biomagnetism’s efficacy with Lyme disease.

Barbara returned to the Institute over the subsequent weeks for further sessions and is overjoyed that her health is now restored, much to the delight of friends and family. As is the case with many who have benefited from Biomagnetism, Barbara has now signed up to train under Dr. Goiz in San Francisco in 2015 with the intention of setting up a practice in the west of Ireland.

Biomagnetism, a treatment which uses magnetic energy to remove the parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi, which are causing chronic health conditions such as Lyme.

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