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By Alison McEvoy

On the evening of March 7th 2019, the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy celebrated the graduation of the first twenty-three students to complete their practitioner training and certification programs in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.

The group, ranging from their early twenties to mid-sixties, was formed last November when they undertook to complete five days of foundational training. Twenty case studies later, they reassembled to attend a four day certification training. I observed as friends and families gathered around them now, on the occasion of their graduation. With great ceremony and forethought, each graduate was launched upon their career as an Applied Biomagnetic Therapy practitioner.


Dr Raymond Cadwell’s healing work as a Biomagnetic Therapy practitioner is as unique and meaningful as the training course and graduation ceremony he devised for his students. The treatment he offers is “multi-dimensional”, accessing and tending to all levels of what it is to be a human being, and thus to all levels upon which illness forms and impacts us. Biomagnetic therapy is a highly comprehensive treatment protocol that communicates deeply with the body. It enables the practitioner uncover and treat the causative factors of illness on microbial, mental-emotional, ancestral and soul levels.

I, like many of the graduates present, have completed many a training in the alternative health field. Like them, I have completed many a case study and received many a certificate. Yet never had I witnessed an occasion like this. As with all ritual, its power is in the way it communicates with our deeper mind – the subconscious mind. The symbols, sights, sounds and feelings evoked by ceremony speak to and awaken deeper levels of consciousness within us.

That evening, in a golden walled room, the graduates in Applied Biomagnetic therapy put on their gowns and caps, sat in appointed chairs and were addressed by their teacher. With them, Raymond shared his vision, a vision which they were now a part of, of a world in which it is general practice for medicine to be multi-dimensional and for doctors to tend to those under their care from the heart; with respect and regard, and from a deeper understanding of body, mind and spirit. Each person was summoned by name to the podium where they were welcomed by Raymond, elegantly dressed in full graduation attire, and were applauded, validated and affirmed in their achievement and ability as Applied Biomagnetic Therapy practitioners. The emotion was palpable and the smiles were radiant as within in each person, the seeds of self-confidence and belief were nourished. This is the training within the training, the deeper levels being tended to that is the hallmark of Raymond’s work.