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Enhancing your existing Energy Healing with Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

Hello there welcome.  Today I’m talking to all of you who practice energy healing in one form or another.   It can be Kinesiology, Bio Energy Healing and so on.  As you know there are many different modalities.

So, why would this practitioner programme be of interest to you?    Well the microbes in the body, and you may know that our body is made up of 85% microbes,  can cause persistent health conditions when they are out of balance.

These microbes have an energy imprint and I guess as you work with energy, sometimes using your hands to detect the different subtleties of energy in the body you pick up on these energy imprints.   If you’re a cranial sacral therapist, you work with balancing the vibration of the cranial sacral rhythm.  And other energy healers have all kinds of ways of doing this.

So the microbes have an energy imprint, e-coli for instance has an energy signature.  Flu viruses all have their own distinctive energy signal as you can imagine.

Now if we could add Applied Biomagnetic Therapy to your practice that would mean that you would be able to detect the energy imprint of the microbes in such a way that is very clear and obvious   because by placing a magnet on a particular point on the body, the right side of the body will contract or lengthen.  This is a very specific indicator that you have tuned into the energy signature of a particular microbe.  This allows you to be much more specific in your energy healing practice.

Thanks for listening, God bless.