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Evaluation Research on the Practitioner Certification Training

The Practitioner’s Certification Programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy – Biomagnetic Resonance Testing workshop took place in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland from the 4th to 7th March 2019.  In all there were 23 participants who completed the programme.  The purpose of this report is to describe the results of a questionnaire survey administered to participants at the end of the programme.  Its purpose was to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme with special reference to:

  1. The extent to which people were able to learn and practice biomagnetic resonance testing which is a method of scanning the body to detect biomagnetic and microbial imbalances. 
  2. The extent to which participants were able to learn advanced protocols.

The below two tables are extracts from this report. If you would like a full copy of this report, please request it here.

Participants Rating on the level of improvement they obtained from various aspects of the programme

Looking at the above numbers, we conclude that this is an exceptional response from participants indicating that most of the level of improvements are between 80% and 95%.    

Participants assessment of how ready they are to become a practitioner  of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy  

What is especially significant is the high scores for:-

  • the extent to which people have clarity about setting up their own business as a practitioner
  • the extent of the confidence in being able to give a treatment
  • the extent of the clarity to which people feel confident about setting up their own business as a practitioner. 

Areas for improvement in this regard would be in the degree of confidence participants have in charging for their treatments and also the extent of participants understanding and how to use social media and websites and client management in order to build a practice.