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Healing the Womb Twin

WARNING some people may find the content of this video upsetting or distressing. We would politely ask that when you watch that you become aware of everyone around you.

Hello there welcome.  Today I’m talking about a topic that comes up with my Biomagnetic Therapy clients from time to time and I’m sure in your own complementary medicine practice.

Let’s face it many, of our patients or clients who come to us come for the reason that their health is not allowing them to have a full, vibrant, enthusiast and joyful life.


As we have explored before there are many reasons for this, but one of the reasons I want to talk about here is the loss of a Womb Twin.  It so happens that in my practice here, I don’t know if you find the same, that when I ask about trauma in earlier life it sometimes tells me that there was trauma during gestation, in the first to the third month of pregnancy since conception.

When I scan for trauma, I often find that it is the loss of a womb twin, where the twin was either miscarried or absorbed during the first trimester of pregnancy.  In any case, the remaining child, who will be your client, often experiences a deep shock and panic when that happens.  It’s a disruption to the womb and there is, we believe, a very strong attachment between two beings in the womb. In this scenario, one soul is lost.

Very often that person goes through life feeling that there is something missing or they have difficulty in relationships, especially if the twin, the lost twin, was the opposite sex to them.  So men can have difficulty in relationships with women if they lost a female twin and women can have difficulty with men if they have lost a male twin.

I wanted to bring this to your attention as something to look for because it does affect health and in many cases it is necessary to acknowledge the loss of this twin. Acknowledge that they existed, that they died and that the patient lived and that the dead energy of the twin can remain in the land of the dead and the person who survived, namely your client, can move completely into the land of the living.  It’ a fundamental truth that the living and the dead should be separate.  The dead have no business with the living and vice versa.

So this is an aspect I think is worth calling your attention to and again if you have any questions about this I’d be happy to answer.

Thank you and God bless,


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