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Making Friends with Microbes

Hello there welcome.  Today I’m talking about a topic that comes up with my Biomagnetic Therapy clients from time to time and I’m sure in your own complementary medicine practice.  

Let’s face it many of our patients or clients who come to us come for the reason that their health is not allowing them to have a full, vibrant, enthusiastic and joyful life. I would like to change that through the use of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.


Today I’m talking about making friends with our microbes, the bacteria and the viruses that occupy our body.  I have spoken about this before, but in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy, as in other complementary approaches to health and wellbeing, we all try to work in harmony with the body’s immune system and focus on strengthening the immune system to return us to health. Applied Biomagnetic Therapy is no exception to this. You may be working as a Herbalist, Naturopath, Nutritionist etc.

In complementary therapy and medicine, we take a benign attitude to microbes; microbes are us, they are a big part of our immune system, so waging war on microbes and on bacteria is simply not working in the long term.  The evolutionary process of microbes means that microbes fight back. As you can see many microbes have become immune to chemicals and many more have evolved to develop a resistance. This is the natural order of things.  

So is waging war on the microbes in our bodies a sensible solution in the long term?  Of course, if you are seriously ill, antibiotics and so on can be very useful.  But what’s happening is we have to develop more and stronger antibiotics and antivirals and sometimes we are putting in 3,4, 5, 6 or even more different types of antibiotics into the system in order to try and defeat the microbe.  

Why wage war on ourselves in this way? Why not take a compassionate and kind approach to our immune system and work with it in order to cooperate in finding a healthy solution to our illnesses.  Our body wants to cooperate with us, our biology is evolutionary and it can evolve.  So let’s take a different approach!

In Multi Dimensional Medicine this is what we want to do.

If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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