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Protecting Yourself

Answers given by Dr Raymond B Cadwell during the Practitioner Foundation Programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy in November 2018.

So the question is how are you doing on protecting yourself while giving these treatments?

Are you getting tired, exhausted, wiped out?  If you are, you are probably not doing enough to make a robust boundary between yourself and your patient. 

Here are some things you need to do in order to maintain the boundary between you and your client.

You need to visualise the client’s boundaries. So if you take it, that the plinth upon which your client is lying, that belongs to the energy field of the client and outside of that field is your territory. 

It is useful for you to visualise this difference. The treatment table represents the client, outside the treatment table represents you. 

When you reach through the boundary between you and the client, i.e. when you hold a client’s feet in order to do your scan, it is useful to visualise a ‘glove box.’  A glove box is found in laboratories where the technician is able to reach into a hostile environment through a glove box which is separate to the environment of the laboratory.  So you must visualise a glove box through which only your hands reach into the energy field of the client. 

This is true every time you make contact with the client’s body so for example when you place a magnet on a client or imprint any of the energy signatures of the client with your hands it is important to understand that  you are reaching from your territory to that of the client and that they are at all times separate. 

Another way to signal the difference between your boundaries and that of your client is by the clothes that you wear.  It is important to have your own uniform for giving treatments.  These can be either white or blue trousers and a special shirt that you wear only for giving treatments.  And that you change your clothes each time you complete a client’s treatment and that you only use these clothes for treatments. Keep your street and home clothes separate. 

You don’t want to turn up in a pair of jeans to give a treatment but you want to make a clear definition of boundaries. 

In treating family members this is particularly important.  It is useful if you can have a special treatment area in your home (it is ok if you can’t do this initially) and that you have a treatment table so that the family member sees that when they enter your treatment area you are their therapist and the other roles of  father, mother, uncle or friend are set aside for a short period.

In most cases I would invite friends and family members to come to my clinic, my special treatment room to receive treatments.  I invite them to my home when I want to socialise and be a friend or family member.

It can be particularly demanding for mothers specially to treat their little ones or their teenage children.  It is very difficult for the child to separate you from being mother or father, as it is indeed for friends to see you as a practitioner.

Therefore, it is important to create signals that represent the territory and the boundaries that are involved in giving a treatment. 

Applied biomagnetic therapy can become a family cure.  Most families have cures that have been handed down from generation to generation and biomagnetic therapy can be part of this. 

When handled properly specially children will ask for a treatment and have a harmonious relationship with the parent during the treatment.

If you are finding your children or your friends resisting to treatments its best to stop and let some time pass before giving another invitation for a treatment. 

By and large it is better if you wait for children, friends and family members to ask you for a treatment and not to offer one.  It always works better when they request the treatment from you.