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The distinguishing features of the practitioner’s training programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

So what are the distinguishing features of the practitioner’s training programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy?  What makes it different from other training programmes?



Language – Well, the first thing to say is that it is going to be delivered in the English language so there will be no need for translation from any other language.  You will get it directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Practical Training Method – The second thing is that it’s very practical so that within say two hours of starting the programme you should be in a position to balance all of the organs of the body, the liver, the kidneys, the pancreas and so on and this will be an important feature of your practice in the future.

Daily Support Groups – The next aspect is interesting too  is because, say that you are struggling with taking all of this information that are going to be receiving, say you may find that it is a bit overwhelming.  So in order to help you with that,  we are going to have a support group every day, where you will find yourself sitting with five or six other people and you will be able to discuss what you are learning, what you are finding difficult about it, and what questions you need to ask.  So that we will be able to stay in touch with you throughout the programme so you don’t ever feel that you have been left behind or that you do not understand something.

Support Group after the Course – The other very important feature is that you are going to find yourself in a group of 3 people after the programme, hopefully they will live close to you, and you will be able to practice giving each other treatments and discussing your experiences with your patients and clients and from time to time there will be a practitioners support day where you will able to bring all of your questions to me and we can answer them, we  can do demonstrations with you, we can discuss your clients and any difficulties you may be having, so you see you will be supported throughout the whole programme.

Practicality – And finally, this programme will only teach you things that you need to know in order to be able to practice.  It won’t teach you things like what’s the difference between all the different types of magnets, what is the biomagnetic force and so on, it will basically teach you how to do it  and when you come for your follow up or your Practitioner’s Certification Progamme then we can deal with all of these questions.

Our main objective is to get you practicing; it is as simple as that.