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The Experience Evening/Event explained

Hello there and welcome.  I’m talking today about the Experience Evenings/Events that we are putting on in order to help people to decide if they would like to attend the practitioner’s programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.  And remember you do not have to be a practitioner.  This course is open to parents, teachers, people who would like to change their career or for people who are not currently working, so all our welcome.

Now we have done quite a number so far and I must say I’ve found them very interesting, with great questions and a great deal of enthusiasm among people for the information.   I thought I’d tell you a little about the structure of those Experience Evenings.  Essentially,  my goal with them is to demonstrate how the programme will work.  So the evening is a microcosm of a day in the programme following all the basic ingredients of a day’s training.

And these ingredients  are a talk, in this case on multi-dimensional medicine and the role of microbes in that followed by demonstrating the first five or six points in the scan on  the body which you will be learning,  followed by a full treatment as a demonstration of how an advanced biomagnetism  therapist works.

This is followed by a support group which asks people to share what they have learned so far and what difficulties they might anticipate with learning a new modality.

And then we finish up with a soul healing which will be a very important programme component.  Every day we will spend an hour bringing in a high vibration so that each practitioner’s vibrational field can rise enabling them  to be able to interact with the clients but not to be pulled down by denser energies of their patients who may have very difficult health conditions.

So this is like a microcosm, it’s very nice to attend and it’s very interesting for me to give it and to meet all of you who may be interested in expanding your practice and of being of greater service to your patients.  Thank you for listening talk again.

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