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Ancestral and Inter-generational Healing Training Programme

What is it?

It seems self-evident that most illnesses, health, and health conditions will have an ancestral aspect. For example, people often say that heart disease, arthritis, asthma also occurred in previous generation, their mothers, their fathers, grandparents etc.

Persistent ways of suffering also seem to come down the ancestral lines from grandfather to father to son or daughter. The purpose of the ancestral healing workshops is to teach us the skills of being able to assist people in releasing ancestral entanglements, family secrets and suffering thought forms.

Objectives of the Programme 

  • To learn how to draw up a genogram of the ancestral and family constellation.
  • To learn how to see the client as part of a larger inter-generational system and that the solutions to current concerns can not only lie in our current lives but also in the lives of those who have gone before us.
  • To understand the natural law of systems balance which means that all entanglements, injustices or interruptions of the flow and love in previous generation must be balanced in the energy field of the existing generation.
  • To learn to bring to the conscious mind unconscious contracts which have been made with previous generations which lead us into ill health, and which block the flow of love.
  • To learn the role of order in the ancestral energy system and to acquire the skills of re-balancing this order.
  • To understand the protocol of working with the ancestral dimension as a series of steps which can be undertaken by the practitioner to assist resolution.
  • To learn to be a representative within a family system and assist the family come to resolution.
  • To learn how to set up a family constellation and how to interpret and assist the subtle movements of the family system towards resolution.
  • To learn how to practice the art of release of entanglements.
  • To learn how to do 1:1 sessions of ancestral healing. This is an integral part of your practice.

Workshop Fees

Each 2-day workshop costs €300 (€900 for the full series). Attendance at all 3 workshops is necessary.

In cases where the workshops are held in a residential setting, participants will be responsible for their own accommodation and meals. Accommodation/meals will be arranged with the facility where appropriate.



On completion of the 3 x 2-day workshops (six days in total), each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion in Ancestral Healing from the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy. This programme can form part of fulfilling the requirements for the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy Master Practitioner Certification OR can be attended by students who wish to add the study of this to their existing repertoire.

Programme Components

This programme consists of 3 x 2-day workshops (six days in total) spread over nine months.

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