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Working with Colds and Flu Viruses

Hello there, welcome, today I’m talking to you today as a complementary practitioner about how to help people with colds, flu and viral infections.

Now of course people have to go and see their doctor and take the prescriptions that they receive there but say you find that many of your patients are coming down with the flu and even though they get their advice from their doctor and some of them get better but others don’t then those who are struggling such with a respiratory distress you can help them if you know how to use Applied Biomagnetic Therapy and apply it to the problem.

Now as you know we don’t do lab tests to discover viruses and bacteria we do it by what we call biomagnetic  resonance testing so we see that viruses, and the flu virus is no exception, all have an energetic imprint that resonates in the body  with the body’s biomagnetic field.  And so as we explained elsewhere we are able to therefore test to see what viruses and what bacteria are affecting people’s health.  And flu conditions are no exception.


We have discovered the energy imprint of flu viruses like the H1N1, the H1N9, the H1N7, H3N2, Influenza B Virus, I’m sure you’ve heard about all of these in the newspapers and so on.  So what we find is that when we can place the correct pairs of magnets on the points for these in the body, there is a very good result.

Also mycoplasma pneumonia is a very common infection during the winter months and you can help your patients with this again by applying the correct positioning of the magnets on the body and thereby bringing the body into biomagnetic resonance with the earth’s magnetic field.

Now so far I have been doing this for eight years now and every winter I do get quite a lot of my patients who are suffering from these infections and I have to say that by and large after two or three sessions they are completely healed from the respiratory affects of these flu and bacteria infections.

Thank you for listening.  I look forward to talking to you again.