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Our training programmes are the only Certified Training Programmes in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.  Our  programmes are only offered by the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy and our Certified Trainers.

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  • Microbes and the Immune System

    Exert from a talk given by Dr Raymond B Cadwell during the Practitioner Foundation Training in November 2018 Why do some people manifest symptoms from an infection and others not?    For example, 150 passengers travel in an aeroplane from Dublin…

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    Distinctive Features of the Practitioner Training

    Welcome to my clinic Ballybrack Village, Co Dublin, Ireland again. Today, I am talking about the Practitioners Programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy, or if you will, balancing the microbes of the body.  Balancing the microbes is a fundamental aspect of…

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    Protecting Yourself

    Answers given by Dr Raymond B Cadwell during the Practitioner Foundation Programme in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy in November 2018. So the question is how are you doing on protecting yourself while giving these treatments? Are you getting tired, exhausted, wiped…

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    Our Certified Graduates in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

    Dr Raymond B Cadwell, PhD is delighted to announce the Graduation of 23 Certified Applied Biomagnetic Therapists on 10th March 2019.   Each student has been judged to have fulfilled all the requirements for Certification by the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy…

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    Evaluation Report on Practitioner’s Certification – Foundation Programme

    Are you thinking of training with us in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy? Today, we would like to share with you feedback on our recently held Practitioner’s Certification in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy – Foundation Workshop which took place in the Ballsbridge Hotel,…

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