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Our training programmes are the only Certified Training Programmes in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.  Our  programmes are only offered by the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy and our Certified Trainers.

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  • Enhancing your existing Nutrition Practice with Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

    Hello there, welcome.  Today I’m talking to Nutritionists, Herbalists, Naturopaths  and all those complementary practitioners who take a nutrition based or plant based approach to healing.  The question we’re asking; why would Applied Biomagnetic Therapy enhance your practice? If, for…

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    Healing the Womb Twin

    WARNING some people may find the content of this video upsetting or distressing. We would politely ask that when you watch that you become aware of everyone around you. Hello there welcome.  Today I’m talking about a topic that comes…

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    Making Friends with Microbes

    Hello there welcome.  Today I’m talking about a topic that comes up with my Biomagnetic Therapy clients from time to time and I’m sure in your own complementary medicine practice.   Let’s face it many of our patients or clients…

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    Enhancing your existing Energy Healing with Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

    Hello there and welcome. Today I wanted to take some time to talk to those of you who practice energy healing, in one form or another. This could be in the form of Kinesiology, Bio Energy Healing, Reiki and so…

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